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We care about youth, the environment, tourism and the local economy, public health and safety.

Mount Shasta Cares

We care about youth, the environment, tourism and the local economy, public health and safety.

April 22nd City Council meeting will be at the Mt Shasta Community Bldg Monday

Thanks to everyone who wrote letters to the City Council and showed up for the public hearings. In case you had not yet heard, the good news is that the Council voted to cap the licenses at 20.

The not-so-good news is that the School Board's Resolutions and Planning Commission's recommendations to keep the buffer zones at 600 feet lost by a 3-1 vote of the City Council. Scroll all the way down for the full story, but first check out this press release on what's next.

This is not the end of the story...... Press Release: Mount Shasta Citizens Launch Referendum to Keep Cannabis Away From Kids FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Tom Scovill April 23, 2019 530-918-8163 Mount Shasta Citizens Launch Referendum to Keep Cannabis Away From Kids [Mt. Shasta, CA]

A coalition of several hundred citizens of Mount Shasta, including educators, law enforcement, first responders, parents, teachers, medical professionals and taxpayers announced today that they have begun a referendum campaign to overturn a decision by the Mount Shasta City Council to reduce the protective buffer zone between marijuana businesses and sensitive areas where children and youth congregate from 600 feet to 450 feet.

The protective buffer zone applies to schools, day care operations and youth centers. The Keep Cannabis Away From Kids coalition has 30 days to collect the signatures of 10% of Mount Shasta city voters, something that will suspend the ordinance from taking effect. "We are very disappointed that the City Council has ignored so much public opposition to their ordinance to reduce the buffer zone to protect children in schools, day care centers and youth centers from 600 feet to just 450 feet," said Tom Scovill, Chairman of the Keep Cannabis Away From Kids coalition.

"Voters were promised in Prop 64, the Adult Use of Marijuana Act, a 600-foot protective buffer between marijuana businesses and sensitive areas where children are present such as day care centers, schools and youth centers.

Many cities in California are going beyond a 600 foot buffer to require a 1,000 foot buffer. It is virtually unheard of for any city to enact just a 450 foot buffer." The Mount Shasta City Council took the final step to pass the cannabis ordinance at its meeting on April 22nd. As has been the case throughout the city's consideration of the proposal, large numbers of people opposing the ordinance attended the Council meeting to express their opposition to the idea.

The reduction in the protective buffer zone is opposed by the Mount Shasta Planning Commission, Mount Shasta Union School District, Siskiyou Union High School District, Sheriff Jon Lopey and a wide and diverse array or citizens. Scovill, the Chair of the referendum effort, is a retired educator who spent 32 years as a teacher and administrator with the Siskiyou and Shasta County Offices of Education, living in the Mount Shasta area since 1975.

When sufficient signatures are submitted to qualify the referendum, the ordinance reducing the protective buffer zone will be suspended. State law requires the City Council to then either repeal the ordinance or place it on the next general election ballot, or call a special election for voters to decide the issue. "Our opposition to this ordinance is not about opposing cannabis per se, but about reducing the protective buffer zone protecting children that citizens were promised would by maintained by licensing authorities such as the city of Mount Shasta.

We want to keep cannabis away from kids," Scovill said. "It is concerning that in a fairly short period of time the city has gone from a 1,000 foot buffer, to a 600 foot buffer and now to a 450 foot buffer, and that city staff has proposed a 300 foot buffer. We need to draw a line at 600 feet so that children and youth have a safe space to learn and play." Citizens wishing to participate in the referendum effort are urged to contact Tom Scovill at or 530-918-8163.


Monday’s City Council Meeting on Cannabis - April 22, 2019 Monday April 22nd, the Mt Shasta City Council voted to overrule the Planning Commission decision to maintain the current 600 foot buffer zones around daycare centers, schools and youth centers to accommodate the proposed cannabis warehouse requested by one business, in spite of hundreds of letters from community members, many of who also spoke to the Council asking them to protect the 600 foot buffer zone.

Mayor Wagner and two City Councilmembers were interested in supporting the Cannabis business which needs room to expand near the Day Care Center, Women, Infants and Children Center, the K-12 School that was there for 22 years after they bought it from Evergreen Montessori School.

People who spoke understood that this is not about the decriminalization of cannabis or CBD oil, etc.

Most folks understood that parents were concerned about the delivery trucks going in and out near the day care center, schools etc. The video will be available on the city website soon.

Below is the post from Next Door. It shows a few highlights, but many people spoke, most in favor of maintaining the 600-foot buffer zone that the Public School boards wanted. In the end all the schools lost.

Speakers on the cannabis side pushed the business while someone from the Shady Creek Day Care Center pleaded on behalf of the parents and pre-schoolers. At the last meeting, Shady Creek Director said that unlimited distribution trucks would be a problem for small children. • Dee, Soul Connections owner spoke about her concerns and how she was told by a former councilmember that there were too many crystal stores in town. We would all miss those crystal stores if they were gone and so would our visitors. (Our crystal stores don't have foul odors and thief-target delivery trucks with marijuana inventory coming and going in and out of youth centers).

A Public School Board member from Sisson Elementary School reaffirmed their Resolution as well as the one from Mount Shasta High School in favor of 600 feet. William Guthrie a 4th-year medical student said that he grew up in Mount Shasta, but is not sure that he wants to return to Mount Shasta after he graduates because he does not want to live in a town that is more about cannabis than drawing young professionals.

Dr. Guthrie and his wife Patti Guthrie, a community health Educator spoke about how the town seems to be changing to the point where young college students don't want to return because of the domination of the cannabis industry. 

Dr. Richard Shearer, M.D. a Functional Medicine Doctor choked up while he spoke about how he and his son who is a young Functional Dentist will move away from Mount Shasta, with their families because Mount Shasta is now all about cannabis.

Many people spoke about how well the tourist industry is doing and advocating for that to continue - making Mount Shasta about tourism instead of cannabis.

Many others spoke on behalf of children because it was the children's buffer zones around daycare centers and schools that were the concern of most. Many mentioned the existing state law of 600 feet which was the promise of Prop 64 when they voted for it.

1. A young man who said that while he is a cannabis user, he felt that Mount Shasta has enough cannabis already and the kids had a right to their 600-foot buffer zone. Other cannabis users asked the City Council to protect the buffer zone. 

2. Tom Scovill spoke about an emergency room nurse at the hospital who described to a mutual friend last night how she is seeing far more youth (under 21) coming in from cannabis-related medical emergencies. She said that when they check that cannabis box, they say that they use cannabis daily now.

3. In spite of all the testimony and letters, in the end, Mayor Wagner sang the praises of the cannabis industry (as "we" the cannabis companies) and voted to reduce the buffer zone around daycare centers, schools, and youth centers.

We hope we don't lose our high-quality medical doctors and that young students who are attending universities will feel like this will be a town they can return to and raise their families. City Councilmember John Stackfleth was the only elected leader who listened to the people.

The Mount Shasta community is grateful to him and to all citizens who came out to speak for youth before cannabis. 

Please ask Dr. Richard Shearer and his Dentist son Dr. Keven Shearer to stay in Mount Shasta! Our town would not be the same without them and others like them- too many are now thinking of leaving Mount Shasta because they don't want to practice their professions and try to run businesses and raise families in a pot- dominated town.

Maybe the citizens of Mount Shasta can turn this around and make the town one those great Physicians, Dentists, Businesses, and lots of young families want to stay here. If you have any ideas on how to do that, please write to us at:

In case you were not able to attend the February Cannabis Education Event, you can watch all the videos at this website:  


Videos from the February 2nd Marijuana Education Event are ready!

Sorry about the problems with the links to our videos. We never were able to get the website techies to fix those and the other group: has more techies than we do! So we contacted them for permission to house them on their website. You can see all the videos from the February Cannabis Education event (in case you don't want to buy the DVD) at:


Welcome to Mount Shasta Cares! Scroll down for local news and updates!

This website, compiled by volunteers, is kept simple so that you can easily copy and paste or print out information to help educate your friends and neighbors. Scroll down to learn more about what is happening in Mount Shasta around cannabis. 

Who we are: community members and business owners who care about Mount Shasta. 

Who we are not: 

1. We are not affiliated with any spiritual or religious organization or private school in town.  

2. We are not here to "take away" anyone's medical marijuana, nor are we here to close down any dispensaries or cannabis businesses. There are three retailers in town and several manufacturers. No one is trying to get rid of them. 

3. We are not here to judge or condemn anyone who uses cannabis, since we understand that some people feel that they derive benefit from medical marijuana. 

4. We are not affiliated with Take Back America or any organization because we want to stay local grassroots.

5. We have been described as having tons of funding and we sure wish that was true! We are volunteers who work during the day and have families and we care so much about Mount Shasta that we lose sleep just to keep each other informed. We are not partisan. We have both conservatives and liberals in our coalition but we don't discuss politics. We agree on one thing: no one wants to rush to make Mount Shasta a marijuana industrial manufacturing town without giving the community a chance to help make educated decisions.   Those who want to make that decision for us are bothered by citizen input because they prefer to govern in a vacuum without public input. Yet the citizenry is supposed to be a partner in local decision making, at least that is how democracy works in communities across North America. 

Our purpose is to provide a forum for the community including parents and teachers at both public and private schools and day care centers, to understand how to answer their children's questions when they see the cannabis signs at the ski park, when they absorb weed odors from people in stores and see them smoking dope outside the shops. Or when our children ask "What is that smell and why is it always there now?" 

Recently the Unified School Board received a letter written by children saying that they only get a break from the "weed stink" when they are at school.  They wrote that they are smelling at from neighbors, some of the people in the stores and different parts of our town.  The Unified School District Board passed a resolution to protect the children. 

We are also asking ourselves as a community when so many other California communities decided to wait to see what happens elsewhere before rushing to turn Mount Shasta into a cannabis industrial park- why did our elected officials already grant 27 licenses? And why do they want to grant 6 more licenses and add warehouses and even more manufacturing? Why do they want unlimited distribution - big trucks loaded with cash and marijuana products clogging up our streets? Why do they want unlimited nurseries? IF- all these extra categories are approved by the City Council, in addition to the 27 licenses already in place, what will it mean for our community?

The City of Mount Shasta held an Open House in December during which the cannabis industry and their supporters promoted their companies. We came, we listened and we left with many more questions than were answered. And many of our questions were not even asked!

We had an event in February at the College of the Siskiyous which was repeated in the afternoon at the Mount Shasta Community Center. It was an opportunity for us, local residents, to finally get our questions answered by public health and safety authors and researchers that are not paid for by the industry or blinded by potential tax money and a few potential extra jobs.

One more thing: a Planning Commissioner wrote a letter to the editor, incorrectly saying that the information on a postcard sent out by Mount Shasta Cares was inaccurate. In response to that letter, when we at  "Mount Shasta Cares" followed up with that Planning Commissioner asking for specific details about just which part was inaccurate, he wrote that he agreed that the buffer zone around daycare centers and schools proposal had been changed since the printing. Yet he did not provide any revised numbers we had requested to update the numbers that he said were not accurate.  All the information on the postcards sent by Mount Shasta Cares came from the City Planning Department, so we always assume they are accurate.  

More background about the February 2nd Cannabis event: We received some emails asking who sponsored the event. There were initially three organizations who wanted to sponsor it. However, local volunteers who started this effort decided not to have any organizational sponsors. Instead they donated their own time, energy and funds since this is a local grassroots effort that came about after some parents learned at the Mount Shasta Union School District Board meeting about the over-saturation of cannabis businesses and the potential reduction of protection around daycare centers and schools so that cannabis companies could have more space for additional manufacturing warehouses.

There are several grassroots groups that formed in response to concerns about the increase in cannabis-everything in our town: Neighbors4Safe Mount Shasta (they don't have a website), the "I AM" School, Mt Shasta Cares and now, after the February Cannabis event, several people met and decided to organize to address the needs of local businesses, parents, teachers and other concerned community members. Additionally, there is an informal group of business owners that meet downtown to discuss their concerns about how the increase in the cannabis being brought into Mount Shasta impacts their businesses. There are other faith and educational groups that are concerned, beyond the ones listed here. It is heartening to see how much people care about this community!

The Mount Shasta Union School District Board passed a resolution to protect the youth of the community from the impacts of cannabis. Parents were also concerned about the ever-increasing number of cannabis businesses in town. This event came about in response to their concerns about long term impacts of the proposed Mount Shasta marijuana manufacturing industrial plans. 

On January 30, 2019 the American Lung Association released their annual report card that grades California cities and counties on public health protections. Mount Shasta's grade was "D" and Weed earned an "F" grade for public health protections, among the lowest in the state. Our February 2nd Saturday Cannabis Education event is a step in the right direction to improve our public health scores to "A" grades as many California communities who started with "F" grades have done.  Many Mount Shasta parents and community members feel that it is entirely possible to raise our public health and environmental standards.

Thank you for visiting our site!

School Board Resolution was discussed in February (and passed)

The School Board resolution to support the City of Mount Shasta's protective 600 feet buffer zone around daycare centers and schools from cannabis operations passed. You can see it on this link:

Mount Shasta and Weed received D and F Public Health Grades on American Lung Association Report 


Siskiyou County Receives Low Public Health Scores 

The American Lung Association Annual Report Card released today, January 30, revealed stunning news that Siskiyou County ranked among the lowest public health grades in California, receiving an F Grade for failing to protect its communities, especially with regard to tobacco control. Since the largest tobacco and e-cigarette manufacturers have acquired cannabis businesses, these products are now marketed to youth in candy flavored products ranging from desserts to electronic smoking devices.


Since the ever increasing merging of the tobacco and cannabis industries, community education is needed now more than ever. Local community volunteers have prepared an educational event that could potentially reverse the local "D" and "F" grades for Mount Shasta and Weed but marijuana-cannabis manufacturing industry supporters have tried to discredit the event and its speakers including Ben Cort, an internationally known speaker from Colorado and author of Weed, Inc. and Dr. Mourad Gabriel, Director of UC Davis Integral Ecology Research Center, in addition to other speakers. 

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