Mount Shasta Cares

We care about youth, the environment, tourism and the local economy, public health and safety.

Mount Shasta Cares

We care about youth, the environment, tourism and the local economy, public health and safety.

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We, residents of Mount Shasta, are aware that our website is being monitored by the cannabis industry.  We are grateful for your interest, because we care about you.

Get out of the industry while you can! It is not going to take you where you want to go in life. It's an industry based on addiction, greed and marketing a stoner culture just to make money.

Don't just read the cannabis industry hype. Watch the videos on this link. Study the articles.  Watch TED Talks by Ben Corte. Have courage to think outside your bubble.  Have an open mind.

You might be feeling cynical about this but think about a life beyond cannabis hype and promotion. You are better than that. You don't have to settle or betray your values for the money.

We care.

Videos from the February 2nd Marijuana Education Event are ready!

Sorry about the problems with the links to our videos. We never were able to get the website techies to fix those and the other group: has more techies than we do! So we contacted them for permission to house them on their website. You can see all the videos from the February Cannabis Education event (in case you don't want to buy the DVD) at:


Mount Shasta and Weed received D and F Public Health Grades on American Lung Association Report 


Siskiyou County Receives Low Public Health Scores 

The American Lung Association Annual Report Card released today, January 30, revealed stunning news that Siskiyou County ranked among the lowest public health grades in California, receiving an F Grade for failing to protect its communities, especially with regard to tobacco control. Since the largest tobacco and e-cigarette manufacturers have acquired cannabis businesses, these products are now marketed to youth in candy flavored products ranging from desserts to electronic smoking devices.


Since the ever increasing merging of the tobacco and cannabis industries, community education is needed now more than ever. Local community volunteers have prepared an educational event that could potentially reverse the local "D" and "F" grades for Mount Shasta and Weed but marijuana-cannabis manufacturing industry supporters have tried to discredit the event and its speakers including Ben Cort, an internationally known speaker from Colorado and author of Weed, Inc. and Dr. Mourad Gabriel, Director of UC Davis Integral Ecology Research Center, in addition to other speakers. 

News articles and links

Another Study Shows how Cannabis Can Cause Psychosis:



Sheriff Lopey interviewed in March 17 LA Times Article about cannabis and corruption, and one California state official says that most cannabis corruption happens at the local level: 


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17. Cash only businesses are targets for assault 



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Please feel free to write to us at  if you would like to share your personal experiences, articles, and thoughts. Note that we do not print cannabis/marijuana marketing or promotional articles. The cannabis industry is already doing that. We focus on public health and safety impacts that the industry doesn't want you to know.

Our purpose is to help us educate each other about the public health and safety of our community. We envision a healthy economy that is based on tourists that come to Mount Shasta for the spiritual, recreational and educational experiences that made our town world famous!


Thank you for visiting our website. Check back for our weekly updates! 


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